48 hours without clients, phones, spouses or children. Pure freedom, yours to taste and enjoy, FREELY, unconditionally, grasping atoms of our so deserved temporary insanity!


Game Jam 2015

Theme: 10 seconds

E.T.S.E.I.R.E is a top-down, funky fast paced action shooter game where up to 4 players are pit together locally in a last man standing mode. The twist? Every Ten Seconds Everything Is Re-Evaluated (especially all gameplay rules). Collaborate but also trick others.

Platform: PC
Genre: Action shooter
Engine: Unity
Team: Fabrice Daniel, Bruno Urbain, Nathanaël Lesage, Mike Delva, Guillaume Derruder.

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FPS10S is a fast-paced first person shooter in which your role is re-assigned every 10 seconds depending on your score! The hunters will be the hunted.

Platform: PC
Genre: FPS
Engine: UE4
Team: Julien Hamaide, Ramses Ladlani, Gauthier Billot, Pieter Vantorre.

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Safe is a single player narrative horror game in which you are trapped in a gloomy mansion. With a special game mechanic every 10 seconds...

Platform: PC
Genre: Horror/Narrative
Engine: Unity
Team: Amandine Flahaut, Lucas Devos, Cédric Stourme, Pierre Guérand, Sophie Schiaratura.

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Advanced Rover System Extended is the name of the program used to send orders to a space rover on a distant planet. Your goal is to guide the rover and give it "If Then" rules to analyse unknown stuff and avoid dangers. Be smart, because there is a 10 sec delay between each command and the number of rules is limited.

Platform: PC
Genre: Puzzle / Exploration / Simulation
Engine: Unity
Team: Thibaut Hanson & David Bailly.

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Dye and Retry is an online multiplayer collaborative game. You're a group of old friends in a retirement home, today is Haidresser day, he loves to systematically dye old people's hair in purple each time he comes for a visit. You don't want this to happen today and you're elaborating a plan with you friends to flee the purple menace. Did I forget to mention that you have dementia and that forgetting to take a pill triggers uncontrollable behavior?

Platform: PC
Genre: Online / Multiplayer / Collaborative
Engine: Unity
Team: Laurent Grumiaux, Pieter Vantorre, Antoine Petit, Alexandre Wyns, Bruno Mattelet, Jeremy Leclef.


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  • Every winter, we like to finish a year of intensive production with 48 hours of Game Jam.
    During this time, we encourage our cacti team to challenge themselves and get a massive bunch of fun on a specific theme revealed just before the event.

  • "Two years ago I was a 2D artist and last year I did some game design. That's refreshing!"
    Sophie - PR MANAGER

  • "Make poop sounds for a game. Check!"
    Laurent - SALES DIRECTOR

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