Looking for extra mobile distribution?

With more than 15 years developing games and historically mobile games, we can provide you the valuable opportunity to leverage your game to drive further revenues by accessing major carriers portals, sides stores or participating in device manufacturer embed programmes. We can help you secure business development and distribution opportunities in the premium space (mobile only).

Getting there is not complicated, to get your Android on such platforms  we require a specific APK + marketing assets (the game must be premium, meaning all features unlocked, not online and remove all links and buttons to store, websites, social networks to prevent any outside access).

Unlike Google Play and iTunes, the audience we target is more limited and less titles compete with each other, meaning each title gets more visibility. For existing back catalog, it creates an interesting additional revenue stream that has proven not to cannibalize the classical stores.

We work on a rev share basis with an attractive share remaining on the developer side. Aside the exclusive distribution on the stores we manage, our deal is non-exclusive, you keep the IP and you are free to explore other ventures. If you are interested in discussing with us about the distribution opportunities, feel free to drop us a line with your google play link.