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October, 2014



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>cmd start Algo-Bot 1.0

Algo-Bot world is one of leaking toxic containers, industrial crates and stubborn little robots. It takes place inside an unspecified power plant, in an unspecified future, with an unspecified number of hazardous things waiting for you. Fortunately, there is one thing that is specified: the gameplay!\n\n

We know how hard it can sometimes be to wrap one’s head around some of the concepts of programming (been there, done that, bought the t-shirt), so we made sure that you were appropriately supervised.

There are two characters in Algo-Bot that will help you throughout the game: Tina, and the Director. Tina is the mechanical engineer of the power plant. She’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty, works hard, and likes to crack a good joke every once in a while. She’s there to help you learn the basics of the game and give you some tips when you get overwhelmed.

The director, as his name suggests, is the big boss of the power plant. He’s not funny. He’s stubborn and only concerned about one thing: efficiency in programming. He will remind you of that fact whenever an opportunity for optimization presents itself.

In Algo-Bot, you’re given control of a little robot dude. You don’t control him directly, you don’t make him jump on mushrooms by pressing a single button either. Instead, you set up a sequence of orders for him: go straight, turn left, go straight again, turn right, etc… When you’re done creating your little sequence, you pass it onto the robot: it will go around the power plant, following your orders. In a nutshell, the player manipulates sequential commands to order Algo-Bot around in an attempt to reach the given goal of the level.

Of course, your little robot can’t just roam freely, it has a job to perform. It must carry around toxic containers, sort them out, re-arrange them and call on smaller robots to help him when he has too much on his hands, you have to provide him with orders for every step that he takes.


>bool Algo-Bot (string world, string characters, string controls)

Algo-Bot was born from a collaboration between our studio and a training center, Technobel.

The goal of the project was to create a game that will help people grasp the essential skills of logic that the programming craft requires. You are not just learning to code, you play with its concepts. In addition to learning mathematical and computational ideas (such as variables and conditions), you are also learning the strategies for solving logical problems. These skills are not just useful for computer scientists but for everyone, regardless of age, background, interests, or occupation.

The real challenge was to create a game with an educational base without being dull or boring. We needed a game that people would love to play again and again, with the possibility to challenge yourself but also challenge your knowledge. After hours of thoughts, we found the solution: a unicorn! Did I say unicorn? Oh sorry, I meant ROBOT. A robot was the key.

And that is how our artists started to work on that little blue cylindrical dude to give it a soul. We had our hero and it took no longer for our game and level designer to imagine Algo-Bot’s world. The levels had to be really brain-teasing, so, the mad mind behind the Shift series levels, designed them. The rest of the process was to organize those ideas into a clear and concise code and make the magic work out.


  • 50 brain-teasing levels.
  • Bonus levels to unlock for real Masters of logic.
  • Level editor
  • Cooperative levels to challenge your friends (multiplayers asynchronous).
  • Hours of reflexion with your brain as only weapon.


Algo-Bot Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "Best Serious Game HR-training." Serious Game Expo, 2013
    • "Top 5 Indie Prize." Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect, 2013

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      Fishing Cactus is a privately held company of 32 game developers located in Mons, Belgium that was established by four industry veterans in 2009. With a core team which combines 30 years experience and 35 titles under its belt, Fishing Cactus creates compelling and high quality games tailored towards digital distribution platforms.

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      Algo-Bot Credits

      In collaboration with Techno.bel

      Supported by the public authorities and the FSE

      Guillaume Bouckaert
      Game Designer

      Fabrice Daniel
      Game Designer

      Bruno Urbain
      Game Designer

      Christophe Clementi

      Jef Stuyck

      Silouane jeanneteau

      Cédric Stourme
      Artist 3D

      Antoine Petit
      Artist 2D

      Nathanael Lesage
      Artist 3D

      Benjamin De Ruyter
      Artist 3D

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks