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April, 2015



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One egg a day keeps the butcher away! You’d better run away from Polly and the Croc if you want to stay alive.

Run with Zino, old Francine or Jenny through the town and collect eggs and food to craft special power eggs. Watch out, Polly is right behind you! Speed up, fly away, throw her a rotten egg or hide in the sewers but be careful, the sewers are full of crocodiles! Not kidding! The legend is true! Use the portal egg and see by yourself.


Published by 1St-Day, Chicken Town has been under development internally for a few months, with no less than three of us working on the game. Guillaume Bouckaert designed the game. Programming has been performed by our Mathieu. Besides our own, we can't thank Thomas enough for what he has done based on the existing art! Here’s hoping you lot enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed brewing it :3


  • Collect food and craft crazy power eggs.
  • Go to the sewers to avoid the traffic jam.
  • Use your power eggs to double your score or escape from your pursuers.
  • Play as 3 different characters from the original TV show!
  • Incredibly fun endless game play!


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      About Fishing Cactus

      Fishing Cactus is a privately held company of 32 game developers located in Mons, Belgium that was established by four industry veterans in 2009. With a core team which combines 30 years experience and 35 titles under its belt, Fishing Cactus creates compelling and high quality games tailored towards digital distribution platforms.

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      Chicken Town Credits


      Guillaume Bouckaert
      Game Designer



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